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How to apply

Having studied the information posted on this website, you will be able to determine the age group fitting your child, the locality of the school in relation to your home, the fees, etc. You can download an application form and the Terms & Conditions of Payments from the website, then contact the school by telephone or e-mail to arrange for a visit. Once you have decided to enroll your child, please submit: an application form, a signed Terms & Conditions of Payment, 2 photographs of your child and a copy of his/her identity (such as Passport or Birth Certificate).

Places will be reserved only after the registration fee has been paid.

 Rates for year 2021-2022
 Item  Description  Rate (Baht)
 Registration Fee  Payable when the child is first enrolled  54,000 once only 
 Term Fees - Nursery, KO & K1  3 terms per academic year / from 8.30 to 12.00  75,000 per term 
 Term Fees - K2 & Year 1  3 terms per academic year / from 8.30 to 14.00  86,000 per term
 Extra Curricular Activities   Optional, paid by the term  500 per hour/activity
 Outings and Extra Activities   Payable annually Sep. - Sep. or on admission  1,500 per year 
 Accident Insurance   Payable annually Sep. - Sep. or on admission   500 per year 


  Transportation Fees (Air - Conditioned Buses)
 Rates per Term (Baht)
 Area One - Way Two - Way Occational (per trip)
 Yen - Akart 9,700 11,000 130
 N.Sathorn - Silom 11,000 12,750 200
 Lumphini - Ploen Chit 12,750 14,500 270
 Thonburi 14,500 16,500 320


 1) All rates apply from Term 1 (September 2021 onwards).
 2) Term Fees does not include lunch. There are two out-source providers that we can recommend to you
 3) Children using Afternoon (2:00pm) buses and those living outside the areas listed, may discuss the fare with the Transport Manager.
 4) All rates may be subjected to change.

 5) Parents who have secure their children's place in term 3 (April - June 2021) are entitled to a term fee discount of 5,000 Baht (On Site Classes)

 6) In case of a full term  'online' classes , the school fee will be 40,000 Baht (applicable for children from agegroup: K1 - Year 1)


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