At Christmas time, we like to teach our children to be aware of children who are less fortunate than our own and suggest that you let them choose a little present to give to a needy child the same age and sex as them. This should be wrapped & labeled age? sex?. Your child can bring this gift to our Christmas tree in December and I will make sure that this gift goes to a deserving cause. Please do not bring gift for all the children in your child's class. Every Noddy child will receive a little gift from Father Christmas.

December Activities

December 1 : K1 Christmas show for parents

December 5 :  Holiday Birthday of KING RAMA IX

December 7 : Year1 & Year2 Sing for Patients at BNH Hospital

December 8 : Nursery Christmas Show

December 11 : K0 Christmas Show

December 12 : K2 & Year1 perform for EY2 students from Shrewsbury International School

December 13 : K2 & Year1 show for paresnts

December 14 : All classes finish 12:00 midday

December 15 : Children's Party & Visit from Father Christmas