Preparation for Term 1 September 2021

Update of Term 1 new academic year 2021/22

25th August 2021

Dear Parents,

     It has been quite a while since I last update you on our pre-school, regarding the COVID-19 pandemic effect. We have been busy assessing the situation, making and validating our options and as the new term 1 of the academic year is approaching, it is the opportunity to do so.

     I believe that most of you have many concerns on the effect of the pandemic to the opening of the new term: When will school open? How will the children learn? What will be the term fee? etc. Some of you may have doubt about online learning that we adopted during the school closure of the entire term 3 and whether it will be adopted for the coming term 1. I and my teachers are very confident that on-site learning is mandatory for children’s development especially for our young age groups as it has all the benefits of human interaction while online learning is more effective for older age groups and should only be a temporary learning method for the continuity of learning.

     Recently, we have started to see improvement of the pandemic (as the number of new cases is gradually reducing) and that we might be allowed to open on-site learning very soon. Therefore, we have decided to delay the opening date of the new school term, from Monday 2nd week of September to Monday 27th September. We plan to compensate the loss days from the delay in opening by omitting all the public holidays throughout the academic year and to cut out the half term break for term1. This will bring our total school weeks back to 12, 13 and 12 weeks for Term 1, 2 and 3. Please find attached, the School Calendar for details.

     In case we are not allowed to open on-site by 27th September then, we will adopt temporary online learnings (for children at K1 – Year1) until we are allowed to open for on-site learning for all age groups. We have conducted a brainstorming session about effective online learning; gathering good practices from various places, assessing our past experiences, planning to include more fun & movement activities from our external teachers. In conclusion, we are confident that we can manage online learnings effectively, if required.

     Lastly, and importantly, we would like to know your consideration about sending your child to our playgroup in term 1 as we must arrange the classes (all existing children will be moving up to older age groups with new teachers) and manage our financial accordingly. We understand your reluctance about paying the term fee at this uncertain situation therefore, we would ask for partial term fee installment of 40,000 Baht. This 1st installment will cover the worst-case scenario that we have to do online learning for the entire term. If we can open on-site for the entire term, then the 2nd installment will be asked to cover the remaining of the full-term fee (or at a prorated rate if we can do on-site later in the term).

     Please kindly make your decision and inform your last year class teachers by Friday, 3rd September and arrange for payment with Khun Thida (092-654-9895) or Khun Aou (085-198-1444), our administration officers, by Tuesday 31st August 2021. If you wish to transfer the 1st installment, our bank account is Siam Commercial Bank, EMP Company Limited, account number 031-4-00148-9. Please kindly email us the transfer evidence to stating the child’s name.


We wish the pandemic situation will significantly improve and to see our happy and smiling children back at NODDY very soon. Meanwhile, may you all stay safe & healthy.


Kind regards,


Elizabeth Prinyarnussorn