This is just a note to remind you all that International Day 2018, will be celebrated on Friday 22nd June. This is our big "End of School Year" event at which children (and parents, if possible), dress in their national costumes and each country is allocated a table at which they display anything pertaining to their country (at a level that young children can appreciate). Each country is also asked to provide a sample of its own national food.

This year we have 21 nationalities represented and we shall be waiting for representatives for each country to volunteer as chairperson for your countries.

Please leave your name and country at NODDY's office if you wish to volunteer. When we have all the 21 countries represented, we will hold a short meeting to discuss further details and distribute the names and contacts of all in respective national groups.

This event has become a long-standing tradition at NODDY and is always enjoyed by one and all.

N.B. We have allocated any child who has dual (Thai / other) nationality "the other", in order to have a big variety and more fun!!